Wednesday, October 15, 2008

National Icons in Austin

I'll admit to being annoyed by Margaret Cho's stand-up comedy most of the time, but I have to hand it to her for changing the way Asian-Americans are represented in the entertainment industry and in the public eye. She really shook things up and was a pioneer for the Asian woman, I'd say.

Another great figure is Maya Angelou who wrote the autobiographical I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, an incredibly acclaimed novel. It's pretty amazing that she is going to be coming to UT to speak for free.

Maybe some of you aren't interested in these kinds of things at all and are annoyed with me posting them, when you'd rather come here to find a party, and that's okay, but hey - this is kind of a big deal, too, right?

BUT -- if either of these people do interest you, get one of your UT friends, or a stranger, to get you some tickets to these events. It's worth the effort I'd say. Tickets are available now at the Student Union (on Guad)

[Click on names for more details]
Margaret Cho
Mon, Oct 20th
7 pm
Texas Union Ballroom

Maya Angelou
Tue, Oct 21st
7 pm
Texas Union Ballroom


EliteSuburbanites said...
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EliteSuburbanites said...

Missing out on seeing Maya Angelou speak for free is one of those things you'll regret later once you read up on her. If you can get tickets go. Tickets to her lectures normally could run you 100 to 400 bucks and it would be worth it to go while its free!