Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This week since Halloween is on a Friday, there is an abundance of things to do over the weekend - and Thursday is included in that statement.



BeautyBar Halloween Party and after party. I believe it's being suggested you buy presale tickets to this on this site but if you have commitment issues, maybe it won't be sold out and you can show up to pay at the door.

Option for those not of age. Once again my friend Max Ferrari is DJ-ing, maybe I'll catch him for once.

OR, if you want to house party it up on Halloween there's this "Psycho Dance Party" at 4602 Avenue C. Don't know anything about it, but who cares?


Learning Secrets!

This is all I'm aware of for now. I strongly suggest that this weekend, you go out on Thursday night and dance (in various costumes) non-stop till Sunday morning. Put your work off. I am 100% sure I will.



EliteSuburbanites said...

HomeWeRk.mE flier is up for tonight! cya there

amber demure. said...

Hey it's Amber, yeah I'm doing Style Watch suddenly :)

and what is up with Black and Tan and the constant "Sexy Contests?"

Are they encouraging this for both men and women or is it as ehhhhhh-we-want-chicks-almost-naked as I'm thinking?

Tiffany Diane said...

probably. isn't that society in general though? I vow not to be slutty at all this halloween.

Frenchroast said...

I might be a little slow from all the drank last night, but I can't find your email anywhere.

Can I send you some online promo stuff for the Mad Decent tour?

lemme know I need to promo this shit!