Saturday, October 25, 2008

Going to Dallas [UPDATE]

, but Austin goes on without me. Here's some things going on this weekend.
This looks really cool.

This week my friend Christopher (AKA Max Ferrari AKA Christopher Love AKA Kitsch Club) is DJing. He has really great style, so I am sure he'll be great Friday.


I didn't even know about this one till Famousish posted it. Seems really cool - it's at Studio 1906 which is a cool location. I've only been there for "The Boxing Club" show last spring - or the Mustache Party? I'm not even sure what it was called, but it was the first Famousish event I'd ever gone to. Start doing stuff there again, please!

Polysics w/ Jaguar Love, Black Gold (Emo's lounge)

Doors Open: 9pm
Show Starts: 10pm
Stage: annex
I love Polysics; they're just so much fun to see live. I've seen them twice and they've always been great. One time I met them and took a photo with them. Go see them while it's a smaller show and you can probably meet them, get their autograph and stuff. Check out their music here: Myspace

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