Thursday, October 9, 2008

La nuit dernière

Yelle, last night, was phenomenal! The opening acts were pretty great, too, but of course nothing compares to Yelle's first performance in Austin, Texas and the jazzercizing with Super Sonic Soul Squad. I know I was probably not the only one who pretty much danced non-stop and made a fool of myself (well, maybe not everyone made a fool of themselves).

Almost everybody was there. You may have spotted Rachel of Austin Style Watch in her fierce bodysuit, or Tolly of That Austin Girl (who I had the pleasure of meeting) in her turquoise skirt, Annie Ray just hanging out without the camera or Fernando of The Famousish changing shirts, David aka Richard.Gear or - of course - OutWithMe Mitchell snapping a bunch of pictures of Yelle.

At the end, Yelle just hung around her merch booth and met people, signed merchandise, took pictures. She was really sweet and seemed incredibly down to earth. With the help of my friend Amber, we got a photograph taken with her!

[L to R: Me, Yelle, Amber aka Amelie, Kristine]

It looks like the apocalypse is happening behind us but we are all enjoying ourselves. That is why I like this picture. And isn't that KIND OF true to life anyways? (Not to be a complete cynic or anything)

I also got her autograph! I'll probably photograph that later. I'm still recuperating from the night.

I leave you with this video of Fatal Bazooka feat. Yelle:

Parle à ma main. She's that cute!

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That Austin Girl said...

Haha - I'm laughing at the "apocalypse is happening behind us" comment.

Yelle is so freaking adorable.