Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Noel Fielding, FSHN ICON

Noel Fielding is a UK actor, artist and comedian from the show "The Mighty Boosh." I was prompted to check him out after The Famousish's feature on the TV show. I saw the picture of Noel Fielding and pretty much fell in love with his style (and his looks). Most importantly though, the man is a fucking fashion god. He pulls off the hipster, punk, rocker, and even slightly gothic trends but clearly has his own flair to it. Such a good mixture of everything good fashion-wise. I love him.

It seems his daily outfit usually consists of dark skinny jeans, a tee, bad ass leather boots, and a loud jacket that tops it all off. On top of that his choppy black haircut makes him look so gorgeous.

Example to the left: Check out those killer white boots, black skinnies, teal 'vintage-inspired' fitted shirt, black pea-trench-coat, and brown leather murse? I never really support murses, but he's pulling it off, besides mixing brown and black.


I think I am falling in love. I need a guy who dresses like that.


KRISTINE said...

I like his style, but I might have to pass on his facial structure. Kind of feminine. Eh.

In other news, I found my mom's old leather jacket that would almost be sweet... if only it were more fitted. Damn!

KRISTINE said...

hahaha Erik is mas puto.

(Side note: Puto is also the name of a delicious filipino pastry)

You can dress like a man. Rock the androgynous look, yo.

KRISTINE said...

I think I will once I find my camera battery charger. If anything, it'll make me more aware of what I wear every day.

More side notes: today i had my first "I can't button up my jeans" experience. Although I haven't worn these pants in forever and they are unusually tight, it was quite startling. I'm a fatty. I'm going to run tomorrow morning...or the morning afterward.

jaimie louisa said...

Noel Fielding is excitingly sexy, his style is just everything i live for, he's got the punk edge with a killer personality that makes any person with a decent sence of style froth at the mouth.
the hair is hot, it adds alot of femininity to his being but i think i like that its part of what makes him the sexy man he is. I'm tired of whining about how i want a boyfriend who dresses and looks like him, im pretty sure i just want Noel Fielding haha im in love.

jaimie x