Monday, May 12, 2008

Heatherette, meh

I have always admired Heatherette's unique take on fashion and sort of outrageous style, but sometimes it seems like designers just try too hard to make things "different" and venture into yes, unchartered fashion territory, but sometimes they are just meant to be left alone. I mean, it's cool to make something that is "unique" but chill out and maybe actually try to make something fashionable and timeless. At times it looks like designers try to just make something as avant garde as possible without regards to how it will actually look down the runway.

For example, the Spring 2008 "Ready to Wear" (I beg to differ) Heatherette collection is kind of a disaster in my humble opinion. I do however like some key guy outfits (the rest were pretty ridiculous) and only a couple girl ones.

These actually fit into the category of "Ready to Wear" and I can definitely see influences of today's trends in there along with timeless fashions. I likey.


a. Ew at this print they continue to use throughout the line, and the awkward length, and the bad top cut.

b. I'm never a fan of full length, but some are acceptable. This is just ridiculous though, horrible pattern and the top is just gaudy.

c. This looks like a joke. Too many fashion faux pas in one outfit. I hope no actual guy falls for this and buys this outfit. They will look like Fabio meet Dungeons and Dragons.

d. Once again, trying too hard.

e. I also hate 1-sleeves, but this is ridiculous. The length is so unflattering.

All I can say is, DISASTER.

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