Thursday, May 22, 2008


01. Mr. Oizo - Yves
02. Busy P (Feat. Murs) - To Protect and Entertain
03. Mr. Flash - Over the Top
04. SebastiAn - Dog
05. Uffie - Robot Oeuf
06. Justice - Stress (Auto Remix)
07. Mr. Oizo - Minuteman's Pulse
08. DJ Mehdi - Pocket Piano
09. Krazy Baldhead - No Cow, No Pow
10. DSL - Find Me in the World
11. Feadz (Feat. Spank Rock) - Back it Up
12. So Me - Decalcomania

So, I got it leaked, aaaannnd here's what I think.
So far, I definitely prefer the previous two albums better, but maybe I've just grown accustomed to them. Some of the songs are a bit experimental, and there are less tracks with lyrics on this album, I'd say, and the tracks are totally not cohesive at all. It'll go from metal sounding, to noise, to minimalistic, to lounge, (not in that specific order of course). Strange. I'm not a huge fan yet, but maybe it'll hit me later. We'll see how everybody else feels about it. ResidentAdvisor has a reviewed it already and given it a 3. I think I agree.

Find it for yourself.
;*, TD


KRISTINE said...

I'll go downloooad.

I had a really good talk with my dad today and basically he's kind of understood that I'm probably going to try stuff and he just told me to just know how to control myself. And he's been good about letting me go out. I think he's growing up :o

Also I went to the gay club in dallas with nathan and yas and tyler and these two guys recognized me from theparty. Joseph and some other guy? He said he met you too, maybe.

KRISTINE said...

Yeah that's right! Carlos.

KAMIKHAZ said...

Your blog is kickass, girly.