Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thrifting and Reconstructions

I am going to start reconstructing old clothing into new. This is obviously nothing new to the world or to me even - I've dabbled. But now, I really want to.

I went thrifting today and got some pretty sweet finds. Lace up pointed high heel black boots (similar to these black oxford heels), a flannel men's shirt (very Mary-Kate), 33 men's tank to remake, a decorated sweater to wear as a party dress, and a pink silk tie. Also, I decided I was going to go back to middle school and start wearing ties as accessories as I used to, in the least Avril way possible. Ha.

I forgot to rate the thrift stores!

Cleanliness: 9
(definitely Goodwill quality)
Value/Cost Ratio: 6
(most were pricey for second hand, 50% purple tags saved me)
Quality of items: 7.5
(many fashionable finds, had to dig of course)

Top Drawer
Cleanliness: 10
(more of a vintage/boutique shop)
Value/Cost Ratio: 6.5
(some quite pricey, others not)
Quality of items: 5
(found nothing, but potential was there)

I'll show you what I do with my finds this weekend.

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