Wednesday, April 15, 2009

CC V. Dallas

Crystal Castles v. Vega & Granada & Dallas, TX continues. Apparently, I was all wrong about the reasons behind CC taking Vega off the bill and the sound ordeal at Granada. I was getting my information from my friend's status updates on Fb though, so I didn't expect to be 100% accurate. Gorilla Vs. Bear recounts the entire ordeal here.

v. Vega

Basically, to sum it up, CC claims that "Vega stole an FX-Pedal from CC," while Alan (of Vega) claims that is "fucking bullshit." I don't know the rest of the band, but if they are anything like Alan, I'm positive they aren't thieves.
Actually, here is the statement Alan released, on Indie Verse, about the issues the band had with CC.
MP3: Alan on CC & "Thievery"

v. Granada

On top of that, CC claimed that "
the people at Granada pulled the plug on CC during CC's soundcheck, claiming they feared CC would 'blow the soundsystem.'" Meanwhile, the folks at the Granada are saying "the sound at Granada is amazing...and would have been if CC would have just got on stage and played," and called the band "prima donna." Ha.

Clearly this all incredibly disjointed testimonies, pointing fingers. Who knows who was actually in the wrong, especially considering the source, GvB, is a Dallas-based blog. One thing is clear, though, CC will probably not be wanting to go back to Dallas anytime in the foreseeable future.

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dosebot said...

I was a big fan of CC when they first came out. The drama that surrounds them though makes it unattractive/unfortunate...
vega ftw